In today’s health conscious society, healthful products have a real advantage. More and more Americans are eating healthier than ever before. The Mediterranean Diet (based on the Mediterranean Pyramid) has become increasingly popular and is now widely recognized as the standard in healthy eating. Nutritious and delicious Peloponnese products – authentic foods naturally lower in fat (vegetable based) are perfect for American consumers.

Mediterranean Pyramid

The Mediterranean Food Pyramid is considered to be the most effective eating guide for healthy living. It was developed in 1993 by Oldways Preservation and Exchange Trust, and the Harvard School of Public Health.


In addition, healthy snacking has become a new way of eating. It is as much about the way we eat as well as the ingredients of what we eat. There is a growing belief that eating smaller amounts more frequently is healthier than only
3 big meals a day that we are accustomed to doing. Most Peloponnese products can be considered as healthy snacks. Our green and black olives have about 6-8 calories each. Roasted sweet peppers are only 10-20 calories each, and have more Vitamin C than oranges.