Peloponnese is “Mediterranean At Its Best” – authentic products based on traditional Mediterranean cooking. From olives to roasted peppers to tahini, we use only top quality all natural ingredients from Greece and other Mediterranean countries.

  • Olives

    Peloponnese has long been recognized for establishing high quality, brine-cured Greek olives in the U.S. All olive varieties are hand-harvested from small farms (many of these trees are hundreds of years old). The curing process is conducted according to our specifications. We go the extra mile for flavor and product integrity.

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  • Appetizers & Spreads

    Peloponnese appetizers and spreads make it easy to introduce your family to the flavors of the Mediterranean. Include them on your appetizer tray or add some exciting flavor to your lunchtime routine. You can weave these Greek favorites into your meals, no matter what occasion.

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  • Home Cooking Ingredients

    Peloponnese has worked with the essentials of Mediterranean cooking (olive oil, olives, and vegetable products) and turned them into value added, delicious ingredients. What we have is a unique group of products based on the best of Mediterranean cooking. The Greek Salad Maker provides all the ingredients you need to make an authentic and tasty Greek Salad. Peloponnese Sweet Peppers are the best on the market. They can be used with different fillings and always hold their shape, taste and texture.

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