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Peloponnese has worked with the essentials of Mediterranean cooking (olive oil, olives and vegetable products) and turned them into value added, delicious ingredients. What we have is a unique group of products based on the best of Mediterranean cooking. The Greek Salad Maker provides all the ingredients you need to make an authentic and tasty Greek Salad. Peloponnese Sweet Peppers are the best on the market. They can be used with different fillings and always hold their shape, taste and texture.

  • 037279080082 Roasted Sweet Peppers

    The International Roasted Sweet Pepper from a special Greek variety called Florina

  • 037279386979 Grape Leaves

    Peloponnese Grape Leaves come from sultana variety vine well known for their good texture and flavor.



  • Stuff Roasted Sweet Peppers with ricotta cheese and chopped olives.
  • Add Roasted Sweet Peppers to a favorite artichoke dip recipe.
  • Flavor butter or cream cheese with Roasted Sweet Peppers for use on grilled or broiled foods, in sandwiches, or as a soup garnish.
  • Make your own bacon, lettuce and Roasted Sweet Peppers sandwich.
  •  Try Peloponnese Grape Leaves for wrapping grilled fish, meat or vegetables.