Quality of Our Products

The key to producing the best and most flavorful products is sourcing high quality raw materials. We have long-standing relationships with well-trusted partners who are as passionate about healthy, all natural food as we are. Our olives, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, grape leaves and other crops are contracted for and grown to our specifications. We use only carefully selected, top quality ingredients – this means that each jar of Peloponnese contains the best of the Mediterranean.

Quality-of-our-products_01Ideal natural growing conditions
Quality-of-our-products_02Hand-picked at peak ripeness
2905KalamOlvs_SVD5303_1Cured to perfection for bold flavors

Peloponnese uses only authentic Greek olives, grown on small family groves on the hillsides and flatlands of Greece. During the spring and summer, our olives soak up the Mediterranean sun, and then our growers carefully harvest them by hand at just the right time. Green olives are picked when they are still green on the trees. Kalamata and black olives are left to ripen naturally on the tree until they darken to a brown or purple-black color.

The brine-curing of olives, roasting of peppers and eggplant, drying of tomatoes, all critical steps, are under our direct control. This is unique in the production of Mediterranean foods and indeed rare in the production
of most imported foods in general.

Short cuts are not our style. Our olives are naturally fermented and cured over a 60- to 90-day period during the cold weather following the fall harvest. We do not resort to quick lye cures and ferrous gluconate to dye our olives black. Our sweet red peppers are flame-roasted, hand-peeled and packed in a very light brine to retain their sweet, fresh flavor and texture. All this care provides us with exceptionally good raw materials, the most flavorful olives and vegetables in the Mediterranean.